Keeping Kids Healthy: Improving Children’s Health Through Healthy Habits 

Dr. Bill Sears is a pediatrician in Orange County, California who, with wife Martha, has written more than 30 popular books on children and parenting. In this video, he emphasizes the importance of fruit and vegetable nutrition for children.

Dr. Sears states, "Parents who feed their children the most nutritiously have the children who get sick the least. Juice Plus+ is a great way to get good nutrition from fruits and vegetables into kids." Dr. Sears praises the many healthy benefits of Juice Plus+, which have been backed by scientific research. He highlights reduced inflammation as one of the many benefits for kids’ health.

Dr. Sears is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and of the Royal College of Pediatricians. He is known as "America's Pediatrician" and has appeared in more than 100 television programs, including "20/20," "Donahue," "Dateline," "Good Morning America," "Oprah Winfrey," and "The Today Show." He has co-authored 32 books and numerous articles on parenting and childcare – many with his wife, Martha – and is the Medical Consultant to Parenting and Babytalk magazines.